Press Kit

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Barcodes lets you store all your loyalty or reward cards on your phone instead of in your wallet. Barcodes works with 13 different formats including common barcodes and QR codes.

I built Barcodes because I wasn't happy with other solutions already on the App Store. The tipping point was when Stocard started becoming less and less the type of app that I wanted to use.

Barcodes Unlimited:

You can unlock all of Barcodes features with either a single in app purchases, or a monthly subscription.

Unlimited features

  • Remove advertisements
  • Additional colour and app icon customisation
  • Store unlimited cards instead of the free limit of 3 (if downloaded when the free limit was 10 that is still the limit!)
  • Add supported card types to Apple Wallet

If you have an idea for the app or are missing a feature please get in touch or on Mastodon, I'd love to hear it!

Happy scanning!

About the developer

Hi, I'm Jake Nelson.

I'm an aspiring indie developer from Perth, Western Australia currently working out of Texas, United States. I want to build my own apps and make it easier for other indie devs to build and monetise great apps!

I graduated with a degree in Computer Science in 2018, and have been working in the field since. I wanted to make iOS apps and wasn't doing that in my day job, so I started learning iOS and Swift/SwiftUI development online as it hadn't been taught at university. I previously tried to learn iOS development and always got stuck at programmatic UI and storyboards not clicking, but when SwiftUI was announced it was immediately more approachable and I dived into it. With the help of the awesome online iOS and tech communities, specifically free resources like, and and too many more to list.

I left my previous job at the beginning of 2021 to pursue indie app development full time with the support of my partner. At the end of 2021 we moved to the UK and have since continued on to sunny Texas.

When I'm not working on this, I'll be working on my other iOS projects, watching basketball or exploring Texas with my partner.


Any further questions please contact or on Mastodon