Last updated
May 9 2022

Privacy Policy

iCloud data

Your data is stored solely on iCloud. Full details of Apple’s privacy features including as related to iCloud are available here:

You can delete your data stored by this app in iCloud through the iCloud data management options in Settings.

Log files

Log files are generated as you use the application, but cannot leave your device without you sending them manually. These files stay on your local device until you choose to export them. These log files may be requested to send to support or the developer in order to assist with debugging issues reported.

Anonymised usage statistics and diagnostics are collected for the purpose of improving the app, but they are not linked to an individual, tracked or correlated with any third party services.


No personal data is stored when you browse this site.

App Functionality

Apple analytics

If you have opted into analytics on your iOS device, some anonymised usage statistics will be sent to Apple as detailed here:

Crash reports and analytics

Anonymised crash logs will be sent from your device to measure faults in the app and anonymised usage. These crash reports contain no personal or identifying data and are not cross referenced in any way.

Third-Party Advertising - Not Evil Ads

Barcodes uses the Not Evil Ads platform to show privacy friendly ads. The ads shown contain a referral code in the URL, and that is all. They do no tracking of your data nor cross referencing your activity across sites.

Location - Coarse Location

Location access is not required for the app to function and is not requested. When you see ads, the rough geographic location as indicated by your IP address is recorded by Not Evil Ads, but not your IP address itself.

Identifiers - Device ID

Device ID is used to indicate number of unique users of the app and viewers of ads. It is not cross referenced, and is using the identifier unique to Barcodes not the identifier that enables aggregation and tracking across apps. Access to this aggregation enabling identifier is what triggers the "Allow App Tracking" prompt, which you will not see in this app.

Usage data - Product Interaction, Advertising Data

When you tap or click on an ad this is recorded by Not Evil Ads to assess effectiveness. Your data in app is never transmitted to Not Evil Ads outside of tracking this interaction.

App specific details

Contact Tools

Your contacts are never sent from your device to any servers, or to any other party. Your contacts are never sent off your device without your explicit choice and action to do so through the share sheet functionality. Your contacts are accessed only to allow you to create and share an export, wholly on your device.


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